Klein River Cheese picnic platter voucher

Enjoy a Klein River Picnic anywhere, reusable equipment included!

Includes the following to enjoy on your picnic (typically serves 2-3):

5 different platter pieces (~80g each) of our award-winning Klein River Cheese to give you the best selection of cheese in your picnic

2 various conserves for the sweet touch
2 various preserves for that tangy element
1 packet of crackers
1 bag giant marshmallows

Includes the following reusable extras that make it all work (and to take home after):
1 drawstring mesh bag, perfect for carrying smalls and then for pantry storage
1 branded wooden board to set up your cheese at your picnic site
1 cheese knife for preparing your cheese delights
1 set of napkins and a wooden picnic knife for schmearing
1 small printed fabric, great to lay your picnic out on and to use as a tea towel after

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